Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day to Myself

Davan, as I've mentioned, is a preteen with all of the joy and anguish that goes along with it. Being who she is, she's also a very sensitive and emotional person. Following the emotional highs of her birthday and Christmas, we've had some lows over the last few days. It's nothing life shattering. No huge emotional break downs. No, just frowns, slumps, and a distinct lack of enthusiasm for anything remotely unappealing (chores, people not guessing correctly what she's trying to get us to say in Taboo, whatever). Thus, I have to say that I was not too sad when she got invited over to spend the night and day at my parent's house. In fact, "whew" may have crossed my mind, no matter that I, of course, love her to pieces.

I dropped her off at Do Jump yesterday evening with the plan being that my parents would pick her up. I came home, made a salad to go with the vegan shepard's pie that Davan and I had made together prior to Do Jump and then had a nice dinner with Anthony. Candle-lit, even. The evening was calm and peaceful.

This morning I got up, put on many layers against the cold, wind and projected rain, and went for a three hour walk, enjoying my current audio book all the while. Back at home I whipped up a pot of red lentil and bulgar wheat stew with kale and corn, which I'm enjoying greatly while I read blogs and such. Soon, I'll be done on the computer and have time for my paper book - which I'm really enjoying! - before it'll be time to go pick Anthony up from work.

We'll drive over to my parents, then all go to dinner together. My parents missed Davan's birthday and want to take us out for a delayed birthday celebration. Then we'll get Davan to Do Jump, during which Anthony and I will do the usual hang at Fred Meyer's thing, but it'll be nice and date-like with it being just the two of us.


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