Sunday, December 13, 2009

More Craftiness

While I had slave labor this weekend, there was another Christmas project I wanted to get going on. I've mentioned before that one of the things we do for Christmas presents is give out sweet or spicy nuts. I wanted help with decorating the jars for the nuts, so we worked on it yesterday afternoon.

Last year Davan and I kind of decoupaged the jars, but Davan had a different idea for this year and we went forth with her being our creative director. Anthony and I cut and glued paper. Davan did the rest.

They turned out pretty cute:

Davan wrote up a little personality card to go with each:

Happy Holidays!! This is your nut jar speaking. Yes, me, in the Purple. As you have probably guessed, I am a purple fox. My name is Flora Fox. I used to live on Den Lane, until I got a nut delivering job. I am an animal scientist, and I study animals, their colors, and of course, new species of animals. I am quite the expert. Did you know that Zebras were born with brown and white stripes that turn into black and white? Or that a giraffes tongue is on average 18 inches long, which is longer than you arm? But that is another story. Animals are definitely my hobby, and I try to learn facts about one new animal every day. Oh, and one more thing about me, I LOVE nuts.

Your friend,
Flora the Fox.

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