Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Snowy Sleepover

My plans for the day yesterday encountered a snag when Portland got a few inches of snow during the evening commute. I still picked Anthony up, just as the snow was really accumulating, and we crawled along with the rest of downtown Portland out to my parents' house to pick up Davan. However, we did not leave again. We were lucky to make it here without abandoning our car, as many people did, or getting into an accident amongst so many drivers who are not experienced with snowy driving.

We walked to Noodles and Co, which is where Davan wanted to eat anyway and it was an awesome walk. We walked partially through a park which was beautiful in the snow. It was only about a 3 mile trip, round trip, and very much enjoyed by all.

Back at my parents' house, we broke out our sleepover bedding and chilled out for the evening. Anthony got up this morning and went to work from here, borrowing a fresh shirt from my step dad. Davan was best prepared for a sleepover, having spent the night before here, and thus had pjs and a toothbrush, but mom had a spare toothbrush and we made do just fine.

When we got up, I did a workout, as I usually do in the mornings, while Davan and Mom finished up watching So You Think You Can Dance, which Mom records to watch with Davan. I watched some too and I have to say that I like the dancing. Some of the routines are really great. I don't think I'd want to watch the whole season like my mom and Davan do, but I like catching it here and there.

I also had a fruit and veggie smoothie for breakfast, thanks to my step dad who made extra for me - it's a staple over here, too, with pancakes coming for those who desire them. After that, we'll be on our way, having enjoyed our impromptu snow caused sleepover.

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