Monday, October 27, 2008

I Got Sucked in This Morning

Lately, my morning routine has gone something like this: wake up to the radio, lay in bed and listen for a bit (10 - 15 minutes usually), get up, dress in what I want to do yoga in, layer warm stuff over that until I get started, come into the kitchen/dinning room area, do chores, do yoga, make and eat breakfast, move on with my day.

Davan has been sleeping in lately. I don't mind her getting the sleep she needs, but it does mean that often I'm doing the majority of the chores because she doesn't get up until I'm partway through them these days. She has made up for this in the past by doing them all herself for stretches of time. In fact, until a few weeks ago, I was getting up and doing yoga right away. She'd wake up while I was doing yoga and get started on the chores, often finishing before I was done.

She asked if I'd switch it around so she could join me for yoga and I was willing. But now she's sleeping in and if I wait until she's up to do chores, there isn't time for chores and yoga before we need to do out of the house stuff usually.

How much yoga I do depends on the day. I have a couple of yoga videos from the library. I have a couple that are technically my mom's, but have been living here for a long time now. My mom's are both very short and very easy - 20 minutes, no sweating. I try not to do them often, but last week, I felt like I didn't want to do anything one day because I was feeling a bit under the weather, so I did the AM Yoga with Rodney Yee. At least I did something.

From the library, I have a Shiva Rea Flow video that has workouts from 25 minutes up to and hour and a half. Some are mostly meditation and others will most definitely get you breathing. There is also a matrix option, where you choose which bits you want to do and it plays them one after another for you. Davan loves this video and would always choose it. I find it a little out there, but okay and a good workout if you choose the right workout.

Also from the library is Power Yoga, which I like a lot. There are three workouts roughly beginning, intermediate and advanced. I've tried all three, but the advanced has a lot of stuff I can't do, so it turns out to not be a good workout for me. I like both of the others, though, and it can make me sore. Each workout is about 50 minutes.

I had another Rodney Yee one from the library - 25 minutes of beginning power yoga - but it had to be returned. I didn't use it often, but it was useful for the "there isn't much time, but I want to do something" mornings or the "I'm feeling lazy but not so lazy as to do the super easy AM Yoga one." I used it about once a week.

I've also tried Rodney Yee's Burn, which was okay. It was doing everything in slow motion and I was okay with that, but it didn't burn. And Davan was bored out of her mind on that one. It was an hour long.

I've asked for some yoga videos on my wish list for birthday/Christmas so I don't have to worry about returning them and being without when I want one.

But, back to what I started posting about, which is that I got sucked into the computer this morning. I've been good about not doing that, but today, I walked by, went, "Oh, there aren't that many emails" and one thing led to another and here I am, writing a long 'ol entry rather than doing chores and yoga. It might be tight to get it all in before we have to leave for Davan's art class.

On the up side, though, Davan is up, so I won't be doing chores alone.

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