Friday, October 10, 2008

Who's the Adult Here?

I dropped Davan off for gymnastics last night. And promptly started feeling a little weepy. I seemed to have some free-flowing separation anxiety. I had dropped her off some this summer, but it was mostly only to walk and it just felt different. She hadn't been teary or upset herself and, while she would have liked me to stay, was okay with me going. It was me who had the problem. Sigh.

I got in a walk (during which it positively poured rain on me while only sprinkling at the most before and after all day), had dinner with Anthony, we watched a Buffy and then we went to watch the last hour of gymnastics. It was a little boring to watch, honestly.

I liked going on Tuesday for break better, so I think I might do that again more regularly. The only downside to that plan is that means three times of back and forth - once to drop off, once to go for break and once to pick up. It's only about 3 miles there, but still....that's 6 miles round trip, which means 18 miles each time she does gymnastics. So, I don't know. Maybe that won't be every time. Maybe I'll ride my bike to go for break. I guess we'll see. We'll get into a routine with it where it'll seem normal. Dropping her off for hours regularly. I guess that'll seem normal. I don't know how we'd do school.

Don't get me wrong here, I'm pleased to drop her off at friend's houses for hours at a time. I like the time to myself or with Anthony. I don't know for sure why this is different. It's so much more, I guess. And there were the issues over the summer at the old gym, which is probably adding to things.

Davan was telling us last night that she still doesn't like J's (coach that is helping out the main level 5 coach until a second level 5 coach can be found) style all that much. I want to think she's being overly sensitive, but I think she has a point. J told a girl that if she did her kip that turn on the bar, then everyone else would have to do 10 push ups. Davan said that it's not that she minds doing push ups herself, but some people do, so that isn't good motivation - making other people do stuff they don't like. I agree. Davan also said, though, that she thought J's intentions were good. I agree with that, too.

For now, I'm thinking Davan is okay for the year. She likes her main coach and is happy about going mostly so far. If she sticks with it, we may need to think about something else for next year, though. Already, I'm seeing things that concern me some at this gym. There is a lot of standing/sitting around on the gymnasts' parts. I'd like to see them things to work on and some accountability. When the optionals were doing floor last night, one girl did her routine something like 4 times. Another girl did hers once. None of the other 5 girls in the group did theirs at all. What's up with that? And, if they weren't just sitting around, they were doing round-offs, which is just play, rather than working skills.

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