Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

After dinner tonight, we carved our pumpkins. Davan picked out a nice, smooth, round pumpkin, but I picked two with character for Anthony and I.

Davan put out the newspaper while Anthony washed the dirt off the pumpkins. Until I picked up the camera, I'd been making a pumpkin pudding with different pumpkins - pie pumpkins - I'd cooked earlier. The pudding had pumpkin, frozen banana, dates and pumpkin seasoning. It turned out okay except that I'd gotten a bit carried away with the cinnamon and Anthony passed it up as being too banana-y. We ate it post carving, after it cooled.

The finished products from the front:

and from the back:

Anthony's is the one with the sad face. He felt his pumpkin spoke to him and was done by far first. His was also very thin and easy to carve. You can tell it's thin because the light kind of glows through the whole thing.

Mine was supposed to be two bats looking at each other, but Anthony says it looks to him like they are cats. Then, because I'd cut the bottom out of my pumpkin, rather than the top, I added ventilation on the back - the moon and stars, which I think goes much better with bats than cats...

Davan's is a rat with a pumpkin and her rat's name "ARI" carved into the top. She'd done a rat last year, as well. I like the addition of the pumpkin for the Halloween theme this year, but it was more clearly a rat last year, with "RAT" having been carved across the top (far left).

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