Friday, October 17, 2008


I seem to be in a blogging slump. My life is just chugging along, going fine. Well, I am still stressed about our budget and today's trip to Costco, even though we only got food and almost exclusively fresh produce at that, didn't help. But, otherwise, all is well, but not so exceedingly well that it's blog worthy, ya know.

It was Anthony's Friday off today and the three of us spent the day together up until Davan had gymnastics. We had breakfast together, hung out together for a bit, went to Costco, ate lunch while watching the recorded Survivor episode from last night, played family rotational fun, and rode bikes to the gym to drop Davan off.

That's something I'm excited about, actually! All three days this week, I've taken Davan to gymnastics on the tandem. It's a little thing, but I love that I'm doing it. It's good for my health (there is a big hill on the way back) and, over time, the saved gas money is good, too. I also rode to the post office, the library and the produce stand this week.

We finished Davan's Halloween costume today, which was a relief and made Davan very happy.
We warned her to expect that people wouldn't know what she, in case you don't remember the post where I said what her costume was going to be and can't tell from the picture, she's a gnome on a toadstool. And a cute one at that.

My parents are back in town after almost two months. We get to see them tomorrow and we're all looking forward to it.

So. Yup. All is well. I'm happy, if a bit poor, and I'm off to enjoy more of my weekend. And possibly the season finale of Angel season 1, if Anthony feels like it...

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  1. Love the costume!!

    I'm not sure if you'd realized it, but Davan is extremely creative and imaginative.

    In case you didn't, you know, like KNOW that.