Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Weekend is Here

And we are not going camping, after all. We were supposed to camp at Champoeg State Park tonight, but, due to the freezing (literally) temperature forecast and the fact that we would be in our tent, we decided to chicken out. We were camping there so that we'd be on hand in the morning for Anthony to do the Harvest Century Bike Ride, which was a birthday gift from Davan and I. Anthony will still do the ride, but he'll drive down in the morning. It's not very far.

Davan and I are, therefore, headed over to open gym in a little while. Davan was talking this morning about how glad she is that she didn't quit gymnastics, how much fun she's having and how much she'd miss it if she had quit. That sure makes paying the exorbitant amounts of money for tuition and fees easier. Then she practiced her floor and beam routines for a while after breakfast.

This afternoon, we'll do a set of family rotational fun activities in lieu of the camping. And, tomorrow, I may get to go to a game of Twilight Imperium (yeah, I'm a game geek - I'll be the only player older than 21) which I had previously declined due to camping, if there is still room at the table. Davan will either go up with me and just read/hang out/play in their yard or have a play date. We're not sure which, yet, but it sure is nice of her to be willing to go, even though there won't really be anything for her to do.

Speaking of my daughter, she was telling me in the car on the way home from gymnastics last night that, because she always "stands like a gymnast" in like, her coach is always saying stuff like, "Look at Davan! Try to be more like that. And this is from the one who hasn't even competed at level 4." My daughter is the teacher's pet and will get beat up at lunch time. I'm thinking I should always be there for break. Only half joking.

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