Saturday, February 02, 2008

Basketball or no basketball, that is the question

Max should have a basketball game today. It starts in just under an hour. Will we be able to go, though? This I don't know.

Max messed up and didn't take proper care of his basketball jersey after the game last week. I discovered it wadded up on the shelf of his closet Thursday afternoon. Now, Max had a hell of a day on Thursday. Usually, an item that is not properly taken care of (when it's time to clean up, -not just any 'ol time) gets put in the black box. The black box is available for emptying every other week.

If I'd put Max's jersey in the box, it would not have been available for his game today. So, I told him that instead of putting in the box, I'd give him an opportunity to earn it. This involved washing some windows - just the inside. He didn't do it and didn't do it and didn't do it. He's now frantically washing windows. Will he make it? I don't know. It'll be close.

I'm letting him slide on quality and I'll slide a little on the deadline for leaving for the game. He's supposed to be there early, but I'd let him go if we can just make it in time for the start of the game. Should I let these things slide? I don't know.

Davan had team photos for gymnastics last night. We made a bit of a fuss over it - she took an afternoon shower, I did her hair, I'd made soup in the crockpot for dinner so that I'd be available to help her prepare and so on.

So, Max says, or rather whines, "When will I get my pictures taken?"

Now, Max has played seasonal sports sense moving in. He's had pictures taken for basketball and soccer so far. We've made a bit of a fuss about them - making sure his hair has been freshly cut, making sure his outfit is ready, etc. He's also had school pictures done twice. Also sense he's moved in, Davan has never had pictures done, other than for our new family photo, which he participated in, as well.

I do understand the feeling of she's special today and I'm not (even if it's not accurate), but I also would like him to be able to see what good things have happened for him. So, I asked him, "Hey, how many times have you had your pictures taken sense you moved in?"




"Sports pictures?"

"Oh, yeah. Once for soccer."

"What about the picture above the stereo in the living room?"

"Picture in the living room?"


"Oh, right! For basketball!"

So, then, again to get him to think about it, I say, "How many times has Davan had her picture taken sense you've lived here?"


I shake my head.

"Three times?"



"Zero, dude."




  1. So did you make it to the basketball game?

  2. Yeah....but we also let things slide a bit. Our plan, though, for the future is that whatever needs to get done before the basketball game will need to be done before bedtime on Friday. That gives us time to let his coach know if he can't make it. And gives a firm deadline - no last minute rush before the basketball game.