Monday, February 04, 2008

Let's Trade

I called my mom up today to ask her if she and my step dad would like to move in here for a week while Anthony and I go live at their place. She said no. Can you believe it? I mean, really. It's just a week. We'd move back after that. Probably. Mom just says that I'll have my turn to be the grandma sometime. Hmpf.

We've had some heavy duty pre-teen hormonal angst going on around here. As just an example, we have this morning. I go in to wake her up at 8:30 by crawling into bed with her, singing a song about loving her, then read to her for about a half an hour. Then we talk about our day and I let her know what's coming.

Today that included Girl Scouts, spending time with a few of her friends, swimming, making dinner and going to gymnastics. These are all things she loves. However, after I tell her about the day, she's pouting. Why? Turns out she's mad because she's going to have to wait for Max to finish his swim class - about 20 minutes after she's done with her shower. Usually, there are friends about, but even so, it's 20 minutes. It's not like she doesn't enjoy reading and such.

I chastised her about it not too harshly, but let her know I didn't think it was okay to pout about such a small part of an otherwise great day. She bursts into tears. "I'm sorry, Mom! I'm sorry, Mom!" she wails. Sheesh.

Then there's Max. Surprisingly enough, he's being pretty darn good around the house today. However, he was not what you'd call a model student at swimming today. That's quite a juxtaposition for him. Still, I don't want him having trouble at swimming, either. Sigh. I must say I'm enjoying his home behavior, though.


  1. Don't call and ask me to trade... I have one foot in the grandma grave already.

    Teens are fun. I can't wait until you have a couple of them.


  2. I find that if one is being GREAT, the other is a raging jerk. If one is have a good day, the other is sobbing.

    Now I budget my emotions accordingly. If I see one kid in a great mood, the other two are likely not - so it no longer surprises me.

    Hey! Maybe I can send you my kids for a while as a trade?

    No? Are you SURE?