Friday, February 08, 2008

No Basketball Tomorrow

Max decided to test the "if you don't have your chores and homework done by the time you go to bed Friday night, there will be no basketball game on Saturday" rule. We announced this rule after the last minute rush out of the house and letting things slide last week.

Max, fully aware of this rule, chose not to clean his room (about a 2 minute job), do possession patrol (another couple of minute job), take the blue bin he keeps his school stuff in to his room (yeah, that's about 30 seconds) and do his reading homework and whatever other reading he likes to make a total of 20 minutes of reading.

This choice also meant that he didn't get to play video games today. It also meant that he didn't get to join in when the rest of the family played games after dinner.

It was definitely a test. Probably because we let it slip last week (we let him go to his game even though he wasn't totally done with the windows), he felt the need to see if we really mean what we say.

On the up side, it is a 9:10am game tomorrow. Not going means I can sleep in a bit and shower at my leisure.

I wonder if he'll get in and get stuff done tomorrow or if, come Sunday, he won't be able to go play at his friend's house as is currently planned. We shall see.

Also the up side, I did not let his bad mood effect my mood. I still had a good day. I didn't get mad. I still gave him hugs and told him I loved him at bed time.

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  1. I used to HATE the basketball games when Matt played, we always had the 8 a.m. slot. Lyssa was just a baby, and it wasn't a whole lot of fun to get everyone out the door on time.

    so, I'm glad you got to sleep in.