Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mantra: some days are good, some days are good

I'm having a not fun day with Max today. Yesterday wasn't a bowl of cherries, either, but better than today.

Today Max is....well, I don't know. Some days he just seems pissed off. Which, considering his life to date, I can understand, but I still would rather it didn't happen. I don't like his behavior on pissed off days. Sometimes the pissed off days stretch into a week or more and that really sucks.

Right now he's in the bathroom, screaming loudly enough to be more piercing than the music that's playing. (Putumayo Kids - we really like them) And that's about the most mild thing today so far.

The kids both had swimming this afternoon - back to back. Max spent Davan's time swimming torturing me. Blocking the stairs with his body and toys so it was difficult for people to get by. Passive aggressively moving them an inch when I asked him to clear the steps. Asking me over and over for grapes when he had is own right in front of him. On and on. Spreading his clothes out over three bleachers. Not finishing undressing (stood there with one sock on for 5 minutes) until he was late to class. Yeah. On and on - every little minute.

Some days are good. Some days are good. And there hasn't been any hitting. Some days are good. Some days are good.

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  1. It must be hard not to just smack him or grab him by the arm and yank him out of the way when someone tries to pass by.

    You're a saint?