Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pee, pee everywhere

After last night's incident of Max having to get out of bed to clean up the pee, we had an interesting night.

At about 4:00 this morning, Max started crying. Anthony went to see what was up. Max, apparently, was awake with bad images in his head. Now, Max does tend toward nightmares, but this wasn't a nightmare. He also used to do a lot of crying in the middle of the night because he would be awake and bored. Rather than lay down and go to sleep again, it was more interesting for him to wake everyone else up. He's mostly past that, but the 4am cry this morning seemed more like that than anything else.

Any-who, Anthony gets him calmed down and come back to bed for the half an hour he has left before his alarm goes off.

Then we hear Max get up to go to the bathroom. Max isn't big on middle of the night peeing. Pretty much, when he stopped with the bored night time crying, he also stopped with any night time peeing.

After a bit of bathroom time, Max knocks on our door. "I had an accident in the bathroom!" he announces.

Now, Max is usually quite upset with accidents. He cries and is visibly distraught. His announcement sounded down right proud.

Anthony got up to supervise the clean up. Max's story is that as soon as he felt the need to go, he got up. But, when he got into the bathroom and was standing in front of the toilet, he just started peeing. Without even pulling his pj pants down. He didn't want to just pull out his penis and pee int he toilet because "it might get on the wall" and then he's have to wipe that up, too. So, he just stood there and peed all of his pee. On the floor. Yeah.

Our theory? He realized when Anthony got him up last night that cleaning up pee was something he'd get to be out of bed for. And attention, too! What a deal.

So, we're thinking of an even earlier bed time this evening to make up for lost sleep.

I did manage to find two things to give him stickers for this morning, though. One for finishing getting dressed with a whole minute to spare. The other for being ready, backpack on and everything, a couple of minutes early. Although, I had a hard time giving him the first one, especially, because he'd also been thumping on the floor in the living room even after I'd asked him to stop. Davan was still sleeping or the thumping would not have been a big deal.


  1. Oh my.

    I really don't know how you do it.

  2. Yeah, well, one day/hour/minute at a time, I suppose and with less grace than I'd like. LOL