Friday, February 08, 2008

Lovely Day - so there was crying, of course

Davan and I had a lovely day today. I took her to open gym at her gymnastics center. In the past, that hasn't always been the most fun thing ever. She started asking me to spot her and give her coaching at open gym. Yeah. That turned ugly. She would become defensive and get mad that she wasn't perfecting her skill fast enough. I told her I'd have to stop coaching or we'd have to stop going to open gym. But...she'd give me a pleading look and my one comment would turn into more. Or I'd refuse to say anything and then she'd start crying because I "disapproved" - pure fabrication on her part.

So, I finally really laid down the law about it and she has responded beautifully. We've had two really good open gyms sense we last talked about it.

Anyway, we then went off to do some errands before meeting my parents for lunch at the Paradox Cafe, which is totally yummy. We lingered for nearly two hours, chatting and eating. Then, after a quick stop at Trader Joe's, we came home just a few minutes before Max. Whew.

Then Max, though, had a good after school cry. It'd been a week sense his last one. Basically, the after school cry is some sort of cry with the flimsiest of reasons. He tried and tried to escalate it into some sort of conflict with me, but I just refused to engage. Then it passed. Yay me.

He's still having a bit of edgy behavior this afternoon, but yeah. He's been pretty decent to be around all week. So, really, I can handle a little edgy this afternoon. It is Friday. A whole week of school does seem to stress him out, even though he loves school.

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