Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Just an Update

I don't have anything earth-shattering to post about, but if I don't keep it up on a regular basis, I'll find I'm out of the habit and the blog will, again, go to seed.

We ended up having a fairly nice weekend after the Saturday of feeling like I hardly spent any time with Anthony. We did a lot of family time on Sunday. When we have time to spend together and neither of us adults are feeling too much like strangling a child (and, thus, in need of time apart from said child), we do what we call "family rotational fun."

Depending on how much time is available, we each come up with one to three activities for everyone to do together. Sometimes we mandate a time frame for each activity (10-15 minutes, for example). Sometimes we mandate that it has to be an active thing or that at least one of each person's choices has to be active. Everyone writes down their chosen activities on a separate piece of scrap paper. The we put all the papers in a hat and take turns picking out an activity. Then we all do it.

Things people have come up with before include board or card games, sit down dodge ball, sneak across, patoe, hallway bowling, indoor frisbee golf (played with a soft frisbee and a cat scratching post), croquette, a bike ride around the local park, tag, hide and seek and so on and so forth. It's mostly fun. One can't expect two kids and their not perfect parents to totally get along for the hours that it sometimes takes to do family rotational fun.

Monday was the start of a new week with all of it's busyness. I had to take Cinnamon (one of our four cats) into the vet. It turns out he had developed an allergy to fleas. So, we started in with the spring flea regime and Cinnamon also got an antihistamine shot to start the healing.

After the vet, Davan and I ran off to Girl Scouts. Then it was swimming for me, a post Girl Scout play session with a friend for Davan. Davan and I met up back home thanks to said friend's mom dropping her off for me. Then it was back to the pool for Davan's swim session and I had to go get Max from school and back to the swimming pool for his swim session. Whew.

Then there was finally time for lunch and chatting with friends who's kids also take swimming. After Max's swimming, it's off to home for Davan to make dinner (on Mondays and Wednesdays usually). My parents came to eat with us and to watch Davan do gymnastics. Davan went home with them to spend the night.

Tuesday was great. A break from the schedule for some adult time for Anthony and I. We went skiing just the two of us! It was very, very nice. We skied like maniacs and very much enjoyed our time together. Max, of course, was at school and Davan was spending the day with my parents before they brought her back home.

Max, sadly, lost his last pair of tennies when he hung on a door knob to take them off. However, the good news is that he's only one sticker shy of getting the black box back as of this moment. I can probably come up with a way for him to get one before basketball practice tonight. However, his streak of co-operative getting things done in an effort to get his shoes (and other assorted black box items) seems to be easing up greatly.

I was planning on giving him one for having his list done (room tidying, possession patrol, laying out clothes for tomorrow, reading) before dinner, but he's not going to have it done because he got side tracked. So now I have to come up with something else. But what? What that he can do before basketball? He's earned 5 today already. One for being dressed with three (out of five) minutes to spare, one for being 10 minutes early to get out the door to school, one for just having a good and cheerful attitude this morning, one for being co-operative about hurrying out the door after he got home from school, one for waiting well for his turn to swim (although, he did have kids to play with, so this wasn't a great stretch for him, but still), one for getting undressed promptly and cheerfully with clothes right side out when I told him it was time to get ready for swimming.

However, then he dragged about getting into the tub when we got back from swimming. And he didn't get in and do his list like he said he would. If he doesn't have the list done by dinner time (not at all likely), he won't earn a sticker for that. Then his only real hope is to volunteer to do a task for someone else. I might have to prompt him to move in that direction.

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