Saturday, January 16, 2010

All About Davan

Okay, so not all about her, just a few bits and pieces about her, really.

Davan has been feeling crafty lately. The sight of her raiding the craft center has been quite common, complete with evil grin:

I followed her to craft central (aka her bedroom) and snapped this shot, as well:

In the last few days, she's made the four dioramas you can see on the floor. Yesterday, though, she was making other little things, including these mini sized hummus, tomato and lettuce sandwiches:

She's also been drawing a lot, with her current favorite subject being Mint, the Frog (although there are others, as well):

Yesterday afternoon my child with certain sensory issues wanted to be wrapped up like a burrito:

Of course, I obliged. Perhaps adding the ropes after the picture was taken was going a little too far? (Just kidding, of course)

In other Davan related news, if you are local to the Portland area and are interested in seeing her do her Do Jump thing, she has two gigs coming up. One is at the Sunnyside Carnival where "there will be booths with carnival games, live music, food, beverage, and kids of all ages filling the gym with Winter Merriment" in addition to the Zig Zags doing some impromptu performing on Saturday the 30th of January from 3pm-8pm. I don't know for sure yet exact what hours Davan will be doing her thing, but I'll let you know as it firms up. This takes place at Sunnyside Church on SE Yamhill and 35th.

The other gig is The Stephanefit, which is on Sunday, Feburary the 7th at 4pm at the Echo Theater, which is on 37th just south of Hawthorne. You can see more about this event here.


  1. I don't think adding ropes was too much, but sprinkling her with salsa.... well...

  2. Davan is so beautiful and creative:) I love all of her crafts! Thanks for sharing.