Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Davan's Lunch Tray Today

I've been doing up a lunch tray for Davan most weekdays for the last couple of weeks. She loves them and I enjoy putting them together. I also like that she's eating such a variety of things. I can even put an occasional thing or two in that she doesn't like because, as she tells me, "If I don't like it, well, there isn't too much of it."

I actually made her a breakfast tray in addition to the lunch tray this morning, but I didn't snap a picture of it. It was her first breakfast tray during our newest blush with trays. It was full of fruit and other goodies...1/2 an orange, a kiwi, a spoonful of raw orange/cranberry relish, a bit of pear steel cut oats with some almond butter melted into it, two orange essence prunes, four dried cherries, some left over home fries, a vitamin stick, some frozen blueberries, two sections of leftover pancake almond butter and fruit spread sandwiches (both small) and a bit of apple compote. I had my usual steel cut oats. This morning's batch had a mashed banana and blueberries in it.

And here's Davan's lunch:
Starting with the carrots and going along the top, there are carrot sticks, 1/2 an apple, some of my TexMex, cabbage, orange essence prunes, frozen peas, frozen corn, lightly steamed green beans, left over sticky short grain brown rice from sushi (we just cook it with extra water to make it sticky), leftover BBQ lentil and brown rice loaf, left over veggie "fried" rice and some dry oats. She actually likes them uncooked.

I'll be having my usual green drink and TexMex. :)

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