Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Book Review: Dreamquake by Elizabeth Knox

Dreamquake is the second half of the Dreamhunter duet. I was looking forward to Dreamquake, as I'd quite enjoyed Dreamhunter, but you may recall that I was also a little pensive about it. Dreamhunter didn't really conclude, but just kind of paused, meaning that many things that started in Dreamhunter weren't delivered upon by the end. It was left up to Dreamquake to deliver or not. I felt that if it didn't deliver, I'd have liked Dreamhunter less in retrospect. So, the big question is, did Dreamquake deliver?

And the answer is...sort of. Dreamquake did bring together the various plots and ideas started in Dreamhunter. However, I also didn't really like a good deal of it. I really disliked Laura in this second book. I wasn't overly fond of her in Dreamhunter, but she really falls apart, as far as I'm concerned, in Dreamquake. I did actually like how everything concluded and the story behind "The Place," but Laura put me off so much that I didn't enjoy large swaths of the book.

Overall, I give Dreamquake a 5.

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