Friday, January 22, 2010

January Challenge Update 3

We're, surprisingly to me, at the end of the third week of January. This month has gone by quickly at our house. So, how is the challenge going? Well. Still.

I'm up to 420 pull ups and anticipate finishing the month with well over 500 done.

Food remains the same. Steel cut oats, fruit, cinnamon and flax meal is a satisfying breakfast and I'm good with having it every morning. Lunch continues to be fine, while I'm a bit tired of the TexMex. I'd usually really like a piece of fruit after lunch. If I weren't on the challenge, I'd actually probably have a left over pancake or two after lunch. I'm thinking I'll stick with not doing that after January, but allow the fruit. Dessert, or lack there of, for the most part, is pretty easy to do. One issue I have realized is that I overdo it on Saturday dessert night because I know that's all there is. We've been talking about making less or putting a portion of it away before starting in on eating. In the latter case, I may start allowing one "piece" of dessert in the evenings as long as it lasts once the January challenge is over, but stick with not making a new dessert except on Saturday nights.

I'm feeling pretty sure that February's challenge, with having company that month and all, is going to involve sprouting all month, keeping up the pull ups and adding, perhaps, a certain number of crunches and squats to the goal list.

How are your resolutions going, if you made any?

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    Keep on posting such themes. I love to read blogs like this. BTW add more pics :)