Sunday, January 03, 2010

Book Review: Fat Cat by Robin Brande

I read this book after slogging through The Naming and I just flew through it. Not only was it an easy, light read, but also enjoyable and entertaining, so I wanted to read and read.

Fat Cat is the story of Cat, a smart high school junior who is also fat. We start her story on the first day of her science class for the year, in which the students pick a picture randomly from a hat, so to speak, and then have the class period to come up with a science fair project for the spring science fair. This is what the class is all about - a chance for the motivated, advanced science student to pursue an independent course of study. Cat, who is really into insects and hopes for a picture relating her to interest, instead gets a picture of hominids. What to do?

Cat, who is unhappy with her weight, looks at the picture of the woman and is envious of her body. She decides to remake herself as a cave woman? What does that mean? Well, that is rather the point of the story. Cat learns what that means. But, what she knows from the beginning is that her diet will change and she will give up as many modern conveniences as possible. She walks everywhere possible, gives up TV, her ipod, cell phone, use of the home phone and the computer, outside of strictly for school work.

Cat goes through an interesting transformation which effects her social relationships, as well. I really enjoyed following along on her journey, other than being a little annoyed with her boy-relating wise from time to time. Cat's food plan is followable and there are resources in the book if you want to learn more.

I give Fat Cat an 8. Check it out - especially if you're looking for a good, no pressure introduction to healthy eating.

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