Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Book Review: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

I read this one fast, both because it's a page turner and because Davan was hounding me to read more so I could tell her what happened. Catching Fire (Book Two of the Hunger Games), like Hunger Games, is too intense for Davan to read to herself, but she has loved me telling her about the story with both books.

Catching Fire continues the story of Katniss, who lives in an imagined future where Panam is comprised of Capitol City and 12 outlying districts, connected by fast moving trains. The districts are improvised while Capitol City exploits them to live a life of overwhelming plenty. Each year the districts are required to send two of their children to participate in the hunger games - a Survivor type game where, rather than being voted out, the tributes kill each other off or are killed off by elements of the game. Katniss, having survived her hunger games, now has to tour the districts as part of the victory celebration. The seemingly evil president of Panam comes to tell her she'd better be convincing in her efforts to make all seem well with threats to her loved ones. You see, uprising is in the works and it's all, so the president implies, because just how Katniss won the Hunger Games.

I, as usual, did not love the sequel as much as the first book. I felt Katniss did a lot of waffling in this book. However, I still thought it was engrossing and will go on to read the next instalment when it comes out.

I give Catching Fire a 7.

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