Thursday, January 28, 2010

Today's Hike

This morning, Davan and I decided not to get in the car and go for a hike. But, we still went for a hike! Instead of getting in the car, though, we hopped on our bikes and rode to the trail head.

We went on the Springwater Corridor, which is a local Rails to Trails trail that we use often for bike riding. Our usual ride on it, from our house to the end of the paved part and back again is 10 miles round trip. There is more to it if we were to head west, but we are east enders for the most part.

After the paved part ends, the trail continues as a dirt/gravel/mud type trail for about 2.5 miles into the town of Boring. We walked to Boring, while not getting bored, I might add, where we stopped at a gas station to use the facilities before finding a place to sit and eat our packed breakfast:
Tea and pear steel cut oats all around.

Then we walked back:

Got back on the bikes and rode home. It was a lovely morning. It was even Davan's idea to ride over, which was great because sometimes she's a little reluctant to do the outdoor thing when the weather is iffy.

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