Sunday, January 17, 2010

Book Review: Dragon Flight by Jessica Day George

I quickly finished Dragon Flight, as it was another short read, like Dragon Slippers, and have, in fact, read another book in the meantime. However, this post is about Dragon Flight, the sequel to Dragon Slippers. As you may remember, I really enjoyed Dragon Slippers. So, the big question always is, how does the sequel hold up?

Dragon Flight continues the story of Creel and keeps most of our favorite characters. Creel is running her dress shop and is happy, but...she misses the action she's had before and she misses Luka, the prince she befriends in Dragon Slippers. He's away on a diplomacy visit. When things go aerie and dragon mounted war is looming again, Creel goes off to foreign land with dragon and people friends to do her best to find out why and fix the problem.

I thought Dragon Flight was okay. I found myself a bit annoyed with Creel and her attitude toward the prince, while still enjoying her as a strong, intelligent character. As is usually the case, the sequel was not as good as the original. It's not awful, either, but I wouldn't necessarily seek it out.

I give Dragon Flight a 6.5.

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