Friday, January 08, 2010

January Challenge Update

It's been a week now to work with the January challenge and seems like a good time to review how things are going. I've pretty much got to say, "So far, so good."

First, and the easier aspect, I'm at 132 pull ups. I did extra over the first three days, then took a rest day. I have gotten a just a little sore, but nothing major. I usually only feel it when I go to do more pull ups. Some days, the pull ups are spread over the course of the day - a few here and a few there, particularly at first. Other days, more now, I do several sets of 5 at a time and that whips them out pretty quickly. I'm pretty sure I'm getting stronger.

Now for the food plan update. I've had my steel cut oats all week. Today it's with apples, but most of the week it's been blueberries. A couple of days I had a smooshed banana and then fewer blueberries. I have to say that I eat a lot, though, with my raw measurement being 1/2 cup of steel cut oats. That's okay, though, it it's what it takes to be satisfied. I'm not worrying about quantity.

I made a batch of TexMex (Wheat kernels, corn, pinto beans, onion, mustard greens, tomato sauce, chili seasoning, pinch of cayenne, nutritional yeast and water were this batch's ingredients) on Monday and have been eating on it all week for lunch. I'm fine with that. I'd kind of like more variety, but I'm still enjoying it. Davan has had it twice herself and would have had it more, probably, had it been offered, but I didn't want to make another batch too soon and she was happy with other stuff, as well.

I've been flexible about what constitutes my lunch salad, which has made it easier. I've had a traditional lettuce salad, coleslaw, a large container of raw veggies and a blended salad so far. Just taking the raw veggies along yesterday on our "hike" was a lot easier than the other options. I did just eat my TexMex cold and that was okay.

Dinners are the usual, so there's really not much to say there. I've stuck to dessert just on Saturday and have had fruit and/or popcorn pretty much every other night. There was one evening that I was so full from dinner that I didn't need anything to snack on, but usually I want something in the evening. We've had popcorn some 4 nights this week, I think. One night I was creative with my fruit and blended frozen bananas and frozen blueberries with some water to make a soft serve and that was seriously yummy, even without the almond milk or juice I'd usually use for a smoothie.

I have wanted a snack in the afternoon fairly often and, when that hits, I eat some raw veggies - a hand full of baby carrots or a sliced cucumber or whatever. I've done that maybe three times this week. Monday was hard at this time of the day and I really wanted at least fruit and not just veggies, but I didn't go that way. It is easier if it's just a no and I don't have to think about it.

Overall, though, I haven't felt deprived. I get to eat as much as I like, after all, and the food is good and filling. I shouldn't have a problem sticking with it for the rest of the month. And, yes, I have lost a little weight, which makes me feel good.

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