Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Day in the Life at N's - Monday 11th

I decided, just for fun, to document a random day in the life of us. I'll tell you what, though, remembering to pick up the camera for each thing during the day was a challenge and there are some events that aren't going to be represented pictorially as a result. This is a long, picture filled entry - you've been warned!

We both slept in yesterday. I usually get up around 7:50 and Davan usually makes it out of bed around 8:10, but Davan had a bit of a cold and slept until almost 9:00 and I don't know what my excuse was for sleeping until 8:30 myself, but it happened anyway. :) Because of the late start and Davan's cold, we opted for skipping our morning workout. Usually, on Mondays, we do a workout together, taking turns leading it week by week.

Instead, we jumped right into chores:

On the list for the day was: take out garbage, take out recycling, take out compost, put away clean dishes, wash the few dishes that had been soaking, fill the yard debris can, dust mop, wipe down kitchen floor, wipe down entry way floor, sort laundry, start a load of laundry, clear the kitchen counter and wipe it down, and make breakfast. Davan likes to do her chores in her footie pjs, so I did the outside stuff. We worked for an hour, then it was breakfast time.

For Davan, I made a left over pancake sandwich with raw almond butter and super fruit spread:

plus a cutie, a sliced apple, a popsicle made with banana, blueberries, smidge of kale and almond milk and a mug of tea:

For myself, I had my usual January breakfast, steel cut oats with a mashed banana, about 2/3 cup of blueberries, spoonful of flax and a generous dash of cinnamon:

Oh, and I had a mug of tea, too. I did email and blogging over breakfast, while Davan worked on her book, the third in a series she's writing:

And, although you can't hear it, she is also listening to a book on tape. She can actually do both at the same time. Not I, I'll tell you. Her buddy there is Cinnamon. They have a special bond, the two of them.

After a nice long session of computer time for each of us, we met back up for some mom/daughter time. Davan made a book of activities for moms and daughters for me for my birthday. We get it out and do things from it whenever the mood strikes. Yesterday, we did two things, one of which didn't get documented. We played toss tic tac toe with cat mice for markers. Davan kicked my hiney. We also did a quiz:

Upon putting the book away, the puzzle in the corner caught our attention for a while:

Then Davan decided that a shower would be soothing to her cold, so she went off to enjoy the humid warmth:
While I got started on lunch:

This is what Davan ended up with:
It's TexMex (this batch has kidney beans, wheat kernels, kale, corn, tomato sauce, chili powder, pinch of cayenne pepper and nutritional yeast), carrot sticks, sliced cucumber, a left over lemon cookie and a few dried cherries.

I made a blended salad for myself:
It's kale, celery, juice of a lime, a knob of ginger, a frozen banana and some carrot juice. I don't usually use carrot juice, but I have some to use up from my parents leaving it when they went off to Mexico for the month.

This is how it looked post blending:

It was surprisingly good. Sometimes I'm kind of forcing down a blended salad, but this one was fresh tasting and yummy. I wrote in my shared-with-my-best-friend journal while I drank it:
Davan, although I missed a picture of it, was checking out her 5th practice test book while listening to a book on tape while she ate her lunch.

I also had some TexMex:
and more tea. That Santa in the background is one of three Christmas ornaments we found when we were gathering cat mice for tic tac toe earlier.

After lunch, Davan and I had a game tournament. I let her choose the first game, and from then on, the winner got to pick the next game to play, so, of course, she only got to pick three more. Sigh.

First we played Zigity:
Oscar likes to be right in the middle of things whenever we play games:
Davan won and chose 'Smatch Black Cat Edition, a self created game involving matching and power cards:
She, er, won again, so she picked 'Smatch Snow Man Edition, created by the cutie for Christmas:
I, then, for a change of pace, won, and I picked Sequence States and Capitols, which, while Davan is a big fan of facts about states, is not her favorite game, but I like it:
And her she is, winning, so she can pick the last game:
Which was Secret Door, a cooperative memory game in which the players work together against time to save treasures from thieves:
We won handily, which doesn't always or even usually happen and there was a celebratory climbing on the lap afterward:

When the celebrations were over, we got ready to go our own ways again. Davan went to her room to do some math (yes, we are unschoolers - Davan chooses this sort of activity all on her own from time to time):
But she took a break long enough to come get a picture of me getting ready for a bike ride, having misses morning workout:
I was gone for a little over an hour, having done 15 miles to find Davan back to working on the puzzle:
She invited me to join her, but it was time to get dinner going:
We had stir fry (or, really, stir steam, as I only use water, not oil to cook with) with onion, carrots, kale, broccoli, bean sprouts, raw cashews and a little brown rice. The sauce is a simple one of water, Brags, chili garlic sauce, rice vinegar, a little agave nectar and corn starch for to thicken it.

We listened to a book on tape together while we each did our own thing. Anthony came home when dinner was almost done and, after he got changed out of his bike stuff, we sat down to dinner:

After dinner, my picture taking kind of fell apart, but I did manage to get this one of Anthony and Davan working on the puzzle together:
Okay, actually, at this moment, Anthony is combing Licorice, but you get the idea.

I did some planning via email and internet search for a weekend next month. Three high school friends of mine are coming for a reunion weekend while Anthony and Davan are going elsewhere for the weekend. It's a lot of organization to do.

After a while, though, I joined the others in the living room and read aloud from a new family book (we just finished one the night before) while they worked on the puzzle. Then we decided it was popcorn time. We all munched while working on the puzzle.

We, conveniently, finished the popcorn just before 9:00 when it was time for Davan to get ready for bed. The puzzle wasn't quite done, but it's getting close.

Anthony went to read to Davan while I created a new calender out of an old one plus monthly print outs for our bathroom. We keep track of weight on it, but it doesn't have to be anything fancy. I just glued the print outs over the old months from the calendar of the year before last. It's one we really liked and, this way, we get to see it again. It's a little tacky for the main calendar, but works fine for the bathroom.

After reading, Anthony hit the shower and we were in bed, reading, by 9:45. Davan came in at 10:00, as usual, for her final good night after her reading. Anthony turned out the light and then fell asleep. He's that fast about it. I read a few more minutes, then turned out the light myself and, after a very short 15 minutes or so (for me) fell asleep, too.


  1. Thanks for sharing your day with us! I love all the pictures.

    I hope Davan is feeling better very soon:) She has an awesome smile!

    p.s. I had a black lab named Licorice, now I have a chocolate one named Cocoa!

  2. Thanks for the complements and visiting my blog!

    Licorice and Cinnamon are litter mates. Once we'd decided on Cinnamon for our orange and brown guy, it made sense for us to stick with food for the little black one, who actually joined our family a couple of days later. :)

  3. Well if someone wanted to know what a vegan family ate, and what un-schooling was like, i'd send them to this blog, nice job.
    love Tadku