Thursday, January 28, 2010

Davan Cooks

Davan cooks dinner at our house pretty much every Wednesday. While I do have to admit that it's with varying amounts of enthusiasm, she usually does a good job of it. Sometimes she gets really into cooking and spends a good deal of time with cookbooks. Just recently, she borrowed some cookbooks from library, some of which she's had before, but one new one. The new one, I have to admit, did not look very promising from it's cover and title, which is Munchie Madness; Vegetarian Meals for Teens. But, it turns out to be pretty good. It's completely vegan and tends toward whole grains. With a few modifications, many of the recipes work for how we eat.

Last night Davan made potato knishes from Munchie Madness, sauteed broccoli from her own ingenuity and toast just 'cause she's a starchy kind of kid. Here's my plate, partially eaten:

I've got mustard on my knish. I topped my toast with bits of knish or stray onions from the broccoli.

And Davan, enjoying her meal:
Thanks for the yummy eats, Davan.

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