Thursday, March 04, 2010

Camping Food

We're out of here again this weekend. This time we'll be going yurting not far from where we stayed in the cabin a couple weeks ago. This is for Davan's March Christmas activity. She just opened her envelope on Monday:

and tomorrow we're off to yurt. We'll be going to another new to us campground but it's in the same neck of the woods (or high desert, as the case may be) as our last excursion.

Today, though, Davan has a friend over that she doesn't get to see too much. This friend is a young man who loves Do Jump as much as she does. He loves it so much, in fact, that his mom comes to Portland from Newport (3 hours away!!!) and stays with him (at various family members houses) in the summer so he can take Do Jump camps. This last summer, every single camp Davan did, he did, too. They had a great time together and did some really nice work together for the end of camp shows.

We were lucky enough to go right by his house when we were on our bike trip this summer and Davan got to visit his house then. This week, his family is in town and his mom called me up to ask if there was a time he and Davan could get together. Well, of course, we can make time for friends. Not to mention that Davan would kill me if she knew there'd been a chance to see this friend and I didn't make it happen.

Thus, Davan and her fellow Do Jumper are running around, playing hard today:

They've been up the tree, on the trampoline on the swing set, on the trapeze, on the handballancing stand, and back on the trampoline yet again and again.

Meanwhile, Anthony and I have been working on preparing food for this weekend. My mom is joining us this time, which is great, but last time we felt just a little shy on food at a meal or two and, thus, supplemented with food meant for later over the weekend, resulting in a stop at Safeway on the way home for snacks. This time, in compensation for that and having an extra mouth to feed, I'm planning and packing enough food to feed about twice our number for a week.

We're having three lunches of homemade hummus on Dave's Killer Bread, along with veggies for both sandwiches and dipping, kale chips, and fruit. Dinner one night will be our usual weekend fare of sushi, made ahead, and edemame. The other night dinner will be baked tortilla chips and veggies dipped in a refried bean dip (fat free refried beans, olives and salsa). Breakfast will be pancakes:

the usual Saturday and Sunday morning ones along with fruit, almond butter, cinnamon cashew cream sauce and blueberry compote. In addition, I've made four different types of cookies:

From left to right, we have: chocolate orange, oatmeal grapefruit, chocolate cherry and cinnamon raisin.

And just to make sure, we're taking our popcorn air popper. Oh, and the electric kettle for tea as desired.

Okay, so it's a lot for four people for three days. We certainly won't feel like there's not enough, though, and things can always come back home with us.


  1. Anonymous7:13 PM

    I am curious how you found Beachside. I had tried forever to get a spot and finally did last spring. It wasn't typical of Oregon beaches, was it? (I can post this on Saturday night without sounding like a spoil sport.)

  2. We haven't stayed at Beachside. It wasn't one of our bike trip stops nor have we made a special trip there. Our two regular beach destinations are Ft Stevens and, more often, Beverley Beach, which is our favorite.

    Did you like Beachside?