Monday, March 08, 2010

Tumalo State Park Yurting

We had a really nice weekend of yurting. The weather, again, was as good as could possibly be expected for the time of year and we got out of there just in time, with snow having been forecast for last night.

We didn't leave until a little after noon because of several factors, including a morning bike ride, sushi making and my mom, who joined us, needing to work until noon.

I packed us a lunch to eat on the way - a container of veggies and fruit for each and a pita pocket sandwich with hummus and other veggies/sprouts for each, as well. The drive was good, with us all listening to Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, which we all really enjoyed.

Tumalo State Park seemed a little cramped to us, but it was fine, if right next to the bathrooms.

We got unloaded, then went to explore a bit. We found a playground:

And walked along the river a bit:

Then we returned to the yurt for games, dinner, reading, more games and bed. Davan and I were the die hard game players, retreating to her bunk for more when the others were done:
In the morning, we had Saturday morning pancakes and plenty of fruit:

A shot of one of my servings of pancakes with blueberry compote (sweetened with a little blended date) and cinnamon cashew cream sauce (just cashews, dates, cinnamon and water):

Oh man, it was so good!

I packed up some food for lunch and we went to explore the area a little (in the van). We floundered around a bit, but then found the lava fields and did a couple of guided walks:

Or, you know, tumbling alongs:

Bunny, of course, was along:

Looking around there, we saw people walking along a road on a nearby hill and wondered how to get there. Looking at a map at the closed visitor's center helped us to find the red road that wound up it:

We took our lunch and up we went. There was a fire lookout and great views on the top:

We at lunch on a picnic table up there:

We had hummus, Peace Bomb, apples, cuties, carrots, sugar snap peas, and cinnamon raisin cookies.

Then we headed back down and went back to the yurt for an extended afternoon reading session. After a while, though, Davan and I went back to the playground for some challenges before going back to the yurt to play a few games before dinner.

In the morning, we had Sunday morning pancakes and more fruit:

We were out of blueberry compote, so I had just cashew cream sauce. Davan is having hers sandwich style with almond butter and fruit spread.

Then we said goodbye to the yurt, packed up and headed into Bend for a little urban hiking. We walked mostly along the waterfront, which was very nice.

The weather was warm and sunny, but did become cloudy and cool by the time we headed out of town for good around 3:00.

First, though, we ate a picnic lunch next to a play ground, which meant that Davan did most of her eating later, and did a little more hiking on an unpaved path along the river:
It was a lovely weekend and we were glad to have my mom join in!


  1. Funny I should bump into this blog. I have a job interview with Tumalo next week lol

  2. That is funny. :) Good luck with your interview.