Friday, March 12, 2010

Davan is Smitten

We've been thinking about getting a dog. If we can't provide a sibling companion for Davan, we figure a canine sibling is the next best thing. The cats are great and all, but they are, ya know, cats. A dog that goes places with us - camping, hiking, the park - and that is more interactive with Davan would be great...and work and money.

So, yes, we're seriously thinking about it, but trying not to jump into anything. We have, though, meet some dogs at the animal shelter. Most have left us feeling a bit eh, so it hasn't been difficult to say no.

That all came to a halt this morning when Davan and I met Shelly

(whom she'd like to call Sonya and, as Shelly is an animal shelter assigned name, changing her name would be a-okay). Shelly came into the room and more or less climbed on Davan's lap. She is soft, silky and very, very sweet.

She's also three months old and 33 pounds. She's likely to be over 100 pounds as an adult. These are issues - both age and size. My mom, our back up care taker, isn't thrilled about a huge dog at her house. We'd sort of hoped for an adult.

But, I'm having a very hard time saying no to Davan's alternatingly sad, pleading, hopeful, love struck face:
So...we're leaving it up to chance to see if she gets adopted today. Then, if she's still there this evening, we'll go see her with Anthony. We'll take it from there. It's not a yes, but it's not a no.

Our main problem to consider: dog sitting when we can't take her with us. We hope to take her often, as she can go camping/backpacking/to visit my best friend if we drive. However, we can't always take her. My mom is willing to do some dog sitting at her place if the dog isn't too big. Sonya is big, though. Anthony's mom isn't up for dog sitting, she tells us. We don't want to do boarding due to cost and most dogs not liking it. What that leaves us with is asking friends, which is hard for me to do. My mom may still take Sonya, if she comes to love her, but there will also be times that we're both gone (once next month already, for example, for a few days for my aunt's wedding) and we need to figure that out.

But, really, how hard is it to say no to puppy love?

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  1. A 100 lb dog can eat a lot of cats.