Monday, March 01, 2010


After an afternoon of games with friends, Davan announced, "I'm hungry!" Being all about the trays these days, I offered to fill one up for her.

This tray has:

Romain lettuce, carrot sticks, a strawberry, half a small apple, a vitamin stix, frozen raspberries, frozen peas, 1/2 a kiwi, black lentil sprouts, a few cashews, a raw oatmeal grapefruit cookie and a 1/2 a mandarin orange.

What's amazing is that she saw it and gushed, "A tray! Thank you. I love you," even though, for the second time today, she's been given black lentil sprouts, which she is not fond of. That's what I like about the trays - the variety she gets and the ability to sneak in less than preferred food along with all the goodies.

Feeling peckish as well, I did a plate for myself, too:
It contains the other half of all Davan's fruits, my own strawberry, cookie, carrot sticks and cashews plus a larger serving of lettuce and sprouts.

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