Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Yay - An Award!

Ami. Mental awarded me with the Beautiful Blogger Award. Thanks, Ami.

Ami is an in real life friend whose daughter is a very welcome guest of my daughter's as much as we can figure out the visitation with both family's busy lives.

Ami was Davan's Girl Scout leader for several years and we still very much miss her troop.

So, I'm to list five things I like and then pass it on to five other bloggers. As my readership isn't overly high, I don't know that those five will actually even see my awarding of them, but I shall pass it on anyway.

With no further ado, five things I like:

1) My family. Anthony and Davan are great people and I'm glad their mine. Also in my family are my parents, who are great grandparents and good friends to us all, as well.

2) My best friend, Chris, who I almost put in the family category because, really, she's the sister of my heart.

3) Making and eating healthy and delicious food. While sometimes I enjoy a break from the kitchen, I really do like putzing around making stuff and I love eating the end result or other people's efforts! I do like the food.

4) Reading. Reading books (but also blogs) is one of my true pleasures.

5) Being physically fit. I love it when my body can do things I want it to do, be it ride a bike, play at the park with Davan, do a pull over on the trapeze or go hiking.

And the five bloggers I'd like to pass The Beautiful Blogger Award onto are:

1) The Sardines in a Can mama whose truthful and heartfelt posts always make me laugh.

2) Sheri at Green and Crunchy because I just love it whenever she posts and I get to see her cute (homeschooled) kids enjoying her healthy meals.

3) I love Gluten-Free Vegan Family because of how much the kids are involved in the food and blog over at their house. I also appreciate the honesty and thoughtfulness that go into posts such as this one.

4) Over at the happy raw kitchen, I'm treated to beautifully presented food and great creative ideas in both food and crafts.

5) Jana of The Jana/Dr. Joel Project did a wonderful and really hectic journey through Dr. Fuhrman's meal plan as presented in his book Eat for Health. She's still working on other recipes of Dr. Fuhrman's, but has slowed the pace some these days, which is good for her mental health, I'm sure! Still, I recommend going back and reading through her initial project, which starts here.

And, don't worry if you're not an award-y sort of person and don't go through the whole passing it on thing. I still think you five, plus the many others I enjoy, are beautiful bloggers!


  1. I just have to say that your recipes sound wonderful! I've enjoyed reading through them. I'm betting the kids would love them!

  2. Thanks for my award! Wow! This is way better than the Lame-Ass Award I'm always afaid is going to mysteriously show up....not that there even is such an award....I just have issues.

  3. You're welcome. :)

  4. Hi there! Thank you for the bloggy award! Am flattered :)
    Have a beautiful day!