Monday, March 15, 2010

Morning Eats

Davan filled her own tray this morning:

The fresh fruits are: mandarins, an apple and a pear
The cereal row consists of: rolled oats, Ezekiel, and millet cereal
The frozen fruits are: blackberries, blueberries and (her favorite) raspberries
The miscellaneous row contains: a grapefruit cookie, a vitamin stick and a leftover pancake sandwich with homemade raw almond butter and homemade raw cherry spread

Reaching into the freezer for the fruit had Davan dreaming of fresh berries in the summer:

As for myself, well, my mom left town this weekend on business and left in my possession, two ripe avocados. As I did chores, I was mulling over what to do with this bounty. I have plans for what I'm making for lunch and decided I didn't want to change them. I thought of spreading mashed avocado on toast, but I'm not doing a lot of bread these days. I thought of just throwing one in my smoothie for extra creaminess, but that didn't sound all that appealing. I really wanted to use it for guacamole, so I did. Here's my breakfast this morning:

And it's oh so good!

By-the-by, Davan, Anthony and I each did this quiz over the weekend. For each of us, one of our top five breed matches was Anatolian Shepherd. That's what Shelly was. Sigh.

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