Friday, March 12, 2010


After getting home from the animal shelter, I was ready to eat. First, though, I threw a tray together for Davan as she had a friend coming. I didn't quite get it ready for her before her friend showed up, but oh well. Luckily this is one easy going friend and Davan doesn't mind sharing a bit if it's wanted.

Then it was time for my lunch. I surveyed what was on hand and decided on a salad of sprouts, cucumber and bell pepper. I made a quick dressing of water, Braggs, wasabe and dulse flakes:

I'd had sushi on the mind and it hit the spot.

Next I wanted soup leftovers. I'd made a soup on Wednesday evening (in the crockpot so it would be ready after our visit to the animal shelter) of chickpeas, sweet potatoes, onions and kale with curry and tomato paste. It was yummy, but I felt it could use more kale. I lightly steamed some kale and dumped the warmed soup on top:

Again, it hit the spot, warm and full of greens. I finished up with two of the pre-breakfast cookies from this morning.

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