Tuesday, March 02, 2010

No Tray This Morning

At least, no tray I filled. I came home from my bike ride this morning, to find Davan, having knocked out most of the list of morning chores, working on filling her own tray:

She filled it thusly:
Frozen blueberries, strawberries, an apple, leftover pear oatmeal, frozen blackberries, a vitamin stix, a mandarin orange, Uncle Bob's cereal, frozen raspberries, an almond butter and cherry fruit spread pancake sandwich, a kiwi and some Ezekiel cereal.

While Davan does occasionally do this - knock out all the chores on her own - I was particularly glad of the chance to get right on breakfast for myself after my 20 hilly mile bike ride this morning. I had a repeat of yesterday's lunch smoothie and, still being hungry, created this yummy bowl for myself:

Okay, actually, in the picture, it's half eaten already because I didn't think to snap a picture until I'd already downed much of it. I used the Vitamix to chop an apple up pretty fine, then to mix it with cinnamon and leftover oat groats from dinner last night. And that's it. It's really tasty, too!

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