Saturday, February 25, 2012

Friday Skiing

So, yesterday, as most of you know, was Friday.  For us, that means skiing.  However, Anthony had to work to meet a noon deadline yesterday.  Davan minorly injured her knee while at Do Jump Thursday and work up Friday saying it felt better, but she didn't feel like skiing was the right thing for it.

I was left with a decision:  go by myself or skip it?  I decided to go up by myself.

The sky was a brilliant blue.  The roads were clear.  The crowds were nonexistent.  I'm glad I went.  

However, it wasn't the greatest day of skiing ever.  It was too warm and the snow was practically slush.  It was windy and got windier as the day progressed.  I didn't stay real long.

I came home to Anthony and Davan sprawled out in the living room playing Journey Through Europe and joined in on the second game.  

We had a serious evening of take and bake pizza and Buffy watching planned, however, Davan got a text from her buddy Tanner and abandoned us for open workout at Do Jump, where, she informs us, she didn't do any tumbling to save her knee.  It actually worked out, though, as we had an early pizza before she went, so you don't need to worry about us.  :)

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  1. I love it when Davan runs off with her friends!! What a joy. Glad you are using your pass for skiing. And nice even if you don't go for long it does not make you feel bad.