Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Wake Up!

I got one of those reminders last night that the internet is a small place.  A reminder to be very careful with what one puts out there.  A blog is a great place to get one person's side of a story.  By definition, a single author blog offers just that.  When you read here, you're getting my side and it's important to note that there are always at least two sides, maybe more.  Often, there is one person's view, the other person's view and then what really happened.  Hearing the other person's view when they were not taking yours into account at all can feel slanderous.

I hurt someone's feelings and I'm sorry about that.

Lovely's parents came across my blog and were upset by my In Flux post.  I can certainly see how it would hurt their feelings and that was never my intention.

In this whole mess, other than just wanting to say that I'm sorry for causing someone hurt, I have three specific things I'd like to publicly apologize for.

1)  Putting Lovely's pictures up without clearing it with her parents first.  Even without using her real name, I should not have done that.  I have taken them down, as requested.

2)  Deleting her parents reply to In Flux, which I did in my cleaning out.  If they wanted to share, I should have let that stand.  Suffice it to say, unless they choose to reply more, which I promise to leave up if they do, they had their own pressing issues and reasons for their choices.

3)  And this one most of all - Not an hour after I posted A Little Whine, which I also cleaned out last night, I got a very nice thank you from Lovely's mom for the video.  I'd meant every since to set the record straight and never did get to it, which I feel very badly about.

I wish nothing but the best for Lovely's whole family and that has been true throughout.


  1. I am glad to see that your realized that you did hurt someone feelings. And have owned up to it. Even if you did not do it on purpose or to be mean spirited, which I know is the case. You were airing your feelings but had forgot how public a blog can be. Yes there are always two sides to the story. It is sooooo very easy to hurt someones feelings this day and age with the oh so public internet. What might be just a passing feeling get written up and it gets a life of it's own. Good for you and I hope L's family sees your apology. I know you truly cared about L and gave her good care while she was with you. Too bad it had to end this way.

  2. You are so right...the internet is a small place. I am always trying to watch what I say...on the one hand, it is MY blog, but on the other hand, I am not sure who reads it and may get offended. I know how much you cared about L and never meant to upset. Hugs.