Saturday, February 11, 2012

More of What We've Been Up To

I wasn't feeling great yesterday, but, mostly, I just felt tired.  I woke up this morning, though, knowing that I'm sick.  :(  I seem to be in the process of loosing my voice.  Perhaps some members of my family think that's a good thing.  LOL  Or not, as Davan is reading this while I write and just gave me an outraged look.

I got up this morning and came out to the living room to find this sight:

We had smoothies and toast while playing Imaginiff and then there was more pet snuggling:

I'm supposed to do a 30 minute run today, but I'm not thinking that'll happen with the whole being sick thing.  I might go for a 30 minute walk instead.

On Thursday, I went with Davan to her static trapeze class at Night Flight to get some footage for an audition video in case she needs to audition for the National Circus School's summer camp, which will happen if she doesn't get into the high school.  I put together this little video of some of the things she did at class that day.

I love the feel of the space at Night Flight.  It's small, but bright and clean feeling.  Some of the camera angles are a little odd because I was being careful not to include people who were in her class who didn't want to be filmed.

Also this week, I took Davan up to Naydenov's Gymnastics to check out the facilities and go to open gym.  Davan is considering getting back into gymnastics more seriously for the training and skills progression she can get there.  I don't know that Naydenov's will make a good home for her if she does choose to do so, as it's a bit of a haul to drive there, but she had fun at open gym and I threw together this video of her messing around there.

Oh, and I almost forgot.  Davan finished her big cat.  Here she is with the big one and a few small ones.

She said the large paper was a challenge to work with.  For one, it kept trying to roll up on her, but I think it's pretty good.  Of course, I might be biased.  :)

Anthony is off to enjoy the lack of rain with a bike ride.  Me?  I think I'm bound for a book.  It's one of those days.


  1. Love being able to keep up this way. Love all the pictures.

  2. Sorry you aren't feeling well. I am honestly blown away by Davan's talent. She makes it look effortless. She is beautiful to watch. Love the cat ! :)

    1. Thanks - that's really sweet. I'm blown away by her, too! I've watched her progress over the years, but even I was taken by surprise at some of the things she did at Night Flight, not having watched there.

  3. I can see you Blog again and even have a good enough connection to start watching some of the videos I have missed in the past. Just watched static trapeze. so nice to see her working out.