Friday, February 10, 2012

Life at Home

So, we've had a whole "work week" now of time back home from Vancouver and I've said nothing about it.  I'm sure that's breaking everyone's heart, so how about a quick update?

We've been doing all of our usual activities.  Classes, teaching and hanging with friends for Davan.  Running, meeting friends for walking for me.  Davan has also gotten interested, or rather, re-interested in drawing and origami this week.

Davan has done a bit of origami in the past, but hadn't done any in a while.  A couple weeks ago, we had lunch with friends and the girls folded dragons together.

Davan came home from the library this week with an origami book.  She has folded several things, but is most interested in folding cats at the moment, it seems.  Here are a couple:

She's currently working on a very large origami cat.

Davan also came home from the library with two books on drawing dogs.  She was annoyed when one of them turned out not to have boxers, but she did draw a wolf from that book.

Davan has also decided she wants to learn Swiss German because of her friend, Lena, so she's been working on that this week, too.

She'd decided she was just going to learn German, but then she found this at the library and was so very excited.  She's been working on it daily so she'll have new things to say to Lena.  She also got some materials to learn straight up German to supplement.

Davan has been struggling with back pain off and on for about 6 months now and it's hampered her willingness/ability to do walkovers.  She loves walkovers and does lovely ones, so this has been a real bummer.  We've tried various things from PT work to a chiropractor and nothing really helped.  This week, however, Davan said that she's learned that if she does some particular stretches before doing back bends, it helps a lot.  So, she was doing walkovers at gymnastics this week and it was great to see.

When we got home from gymnastics, I caught a little video of Davan messing around on the pull up bar before dinner was ready.

For me, the usual has been running, walking Ranger, walking with a friend and...thinking.  I have no idea what's in store for us for next year and I'm thinking again about a job or school.  A lot depends on what happens with Davan, but, for most things she wants to do next year, I probably need to work to help finance it.  And I'm not against a job...I just want to find one I like.  I'm really ready to go ahead and put in some hours now.  Davan is able to be self sufficient most of the time, although she'd prefer I was home.  I wouldn't want to do more than 15-20 hours a week at most.

When I uploaded these videos, I realized that my Vancouver video is muted due to copyright issues.  I'm going to see about picking different music and try again.  It's too bad because I picked songs for each day that I thought were good fits.  Sigh.  Oh well.  I can handle the challenge of picking new songs.  I'll let you know when it's updated if you'd like to watch it with music.


  1. Loved reading the update. Will try and watch these two videos as they are short. If I have better internet at my next base I will try there on the big one. I should be moving on in the next couple of days.

  2. Love Davan's origami. Kei has tried it a couple of times but nothing much. Her's are great. I want to see the big cat! About to watch the videos...I always love seeing them. Davan is just beautiful to watch.