Wednesday, February 01, 2012


I have to say that I've been feeling very uneasy today.  The drama that unfolded here is sticking with me.  However, I need to put it behind me.  We're preparing to go up to Vancouver tomorrow morning.  We're nearly all packed and prepared.

We're traveling with quite the little pack, as Anthony is going with us this time, so we decided to take Ranger, too.  Then we added Davan's friend, Lena, to the mix.  We haven't taken a friend of Davan's along on a long road trip before, so that will be interesting.  We usually listen to audio books.  I know Lena enjoys them, but I could see the girls wanting to interact and such, rather than sit and listen.  I guess we'll just see what the mood of the car is.

Davan is starting to get a little wiggy on me, which is standard nervous behavior on her part, but I don't love it.  She and Lena were, apparently, quite silly at gymnastics tonight, as well.  Yay for us for getting to ride with them for 6 hours tomorrow.

Now I need to be focusing on us, on Davan, on the reason for the trip.  There is enough stress with that to be getting on with.  The border crossing alone makes me nervous - have I mentioned that we're taking a dog and a foreign exchange student?  I'm pretty sure we've got all our ducks in a row to make that work, but let not actually add any ducks to the mix.

I'm off to go get our ski goggles from the basement, as the last thing we need to pack tonight.  We're probably going to play in the snow on Saturday - not ski, though, as that's way too expensive to do just for the day, particularly a lovely weather Saturday, which means big crowds and a lot of waiting in line.

And I'm off to try to help Davan to stay calm.  Already.  Friday is a long way away, my friends.


  1. Are you driving up today? That is what it sounds like. What time is the audition tomorrow? Guess you can not really answer that if you are on your way.

  2. Can't wait to hear all about the trip. Tell Davan to break a leg! Thinking of you all.