Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How Well Do You Know Your Child? - Nicholina Version

Davan and I each answered these questions independently.  First, here are my answers.  Next I'll post Davan's answers.

Where Davan and I didn't have the same answers, I asked her to comment if she felt like it.  Her comments are here in orange.  Sometimes I replied back in red.

Who is your child's best friend?

Lena, but Tanner and Emma are close behind.

Who is your child's greatest hero?

Trying to guess what Davan would say here, I'm going with me.
What embarrasses them the most?

Me singing in public.
What is their favorite music?


Ahh, yes. This is a better answer then mine, I thought I had to pick a song.
What person outside the family has most influenced your child's life?

Right now, I'd say Lena, but I know it's been my mom for a lot of her life.

Your mom is a member of the family, Mom. 

Yeah, yeah.  I was reading it as immediate family, but you are right - she is family.
What is their favorite school subject and least favorite?

Davan loves "English" and isn't as fond of "math."  She was more fond of math for a while, but doesn't seem to be now again.  I've put the subjects in quotes because we don't actually divide things up that way.  However, she loves to read, write and generally play with words, so we'll call that English.

What accomplishment is your child proudest?

Probably getting into Zig Zags when she was only 11, as it's a teen troop.

What is your child's biggest complaint about the family?

After this morning, I guess that she has to ride her bike in the rain to get places.

If you could buy your child anything in the world what would they choose?

Tuition and room and board at the National Circus School in Montreal.

What really makes your child angry?

Davan gets angry when she has to repeat things and when things seem unfair to her.

What does your child want to be when they grow up?

An aerial artist in Cirque do Soleil.

What has been the biggest disappointment in your child's life this year?

In this last calendar year, I'd say not getting at least called to live auditions for Circus Smirkus' troopers.  However, I think that if she doesn't get into Montreal, that will change.
What gift does your child cherish most?

I'm not sure on this one.  She's not real big on material possessions.  Based on use, I guess I'd say the rigging in her room so she can hang her trapeze, swing and rings.

Ahh, I wasn't specifying gift as a material thing. I thought it could be anything that I have gotten for a gift. But that is probably my favorite material gift.

I thought of the year of activities, but I was thinking "cherish" meant to still have it.  I should have thought outside the box on this one!
What non-school book has your child most recently read?

I believe the one she's most recently finished is Escape, about a woman who escapes from a polygamist cult with her eight children.

I also finished Everybody Sees the Ants. I put it down when I got that one.

Because that comment wasn't totally clear to me, I'll interpret a little.   She put down the Ants book when Escape came along, read Escape, then went back and finished Everyone Sees the Ants.
What is your child's favorite food?

Hmm.....I think this probably changes depending on mood, but I'm going to go with bagels.
Good one. Like I said this one changes all the time, but right now I'm into the Newman's Os. 
What nicknames is your child called at school?

I'm pretty sure she's just called Davan.

Yep, mostly just Davan. But now that I think about it, Summer calls me Pat-pat sometimes, and Lena sometimes calls me Crazy Girl. But I just put Davan, too.
What is your child's most prized possession?

Again, I'm not sure because of the not so materialistic thing, but, I'm sticking with the rigging.

I said my notebooks, but that is a close runner up.

I should have thought of the notebooks!  Davan writes in them all the time - lists, poems, drawings, math work, ideas.  She is clear that they aren't diaries, but they are a bit like a record of her life.

What is your child's most cherished memory?

This one is tough.  I think she has a lot of memories she holds dear.  One stand out might be our three week, 1000 mile family bike trip of a couple years ago.

Indeed. I also said my last birthday party. 

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