Saturday, February 18, 2012

Just a Saturday

 Thanks for the input about chores.  Our current plan is a chore party twice a week.  I'm okay with doing a bit more than Davan as she does have more addition obligations.  For now, I'll make the occasional correction if I think it's truly warranted (like dishes with food still on them after "washing") and let other things slide.  Davan will have to decide for herself what her own standards will be after she moves out.  I know I've gotten much pickier about my standards over the course of my life!  Additionally, we'll clean up after dinner together and all that stuff we usually do.  It'll work great - for a while, at least.  I'll try to keep you posted.

Meanwhile, we're having just a Saturday.  We're actually a little busy this weekend.  We skied yesterday, which, by the way, we almost didn't do because the forecast was not looking good.  Our first run, we went up Vista Express, which has Davan's favorite run to find it totally fogged in up there.  It was very disorienting.  We went reeeeaaaalllllyyyy slowly until we dropped below the fog level, but Davan remained freaked out for a few runs.  After that, she was back to her usual zooming self.  And the weather?  Other than the fog?  Well, not so great.  It misted on us off and on.  When we were loading up the van, it started pouring rain!  Good timing on the leaving!  Still, we were glad we'd gone and we did get in several nice runs.

When we got home, we did the usual taking care of all of our stuff, then vacuumed and dusted a bit before hitting the showers because we had company last night.  I got a call on Tuesday from my aunt Candy saying that she and my grandma were coming for a visit.  Oh, when?  Friday.  Okay, then.  They live in Arizona and California respectively.  And?  The last time Grandma came for a visit, I was sure it would be her last.  She didn't seem to have a good time and was very excited to go home at the end of the visit.  Plus?  She hates stairs and we live on the second floor now.  But, okay.  Luckily, they made plans to stay at a hotel and do have other people in the area to visit, so that's a lot less pressure than having sudden overnight company.

I threw together some plans for things to do together.  Candy is really interested in all of Davan's activities, so I had Davan gather some friends to go to open workout at Do Jump last night.  We had dinner with my family, then went to watch Davan and friends workout play.  I took some pictures with Lena's camera (of which I have great envy), but I haven't gotten copies yet, so I can't share.

Today, though, Candy and Grandma are with other family in Vancouver.  So, it's just a Saturday for us.  I made us biscuits and almond gravy for breakfast after my run.  Yummy.

Anthony went out to run errands play like a kid in a sandbox at bike stores, then came home to work on his bike.

 Davan stayed in her pjs until 1pm, but then got ready to go perform at a neighborhood carnival with the Zig Zags.

I am delighted to say that getting ready means showering, dressing, grabbing a snack and filling a water bottle.  Two of her friends came over a little early, then they walked over together.  I love living close to stuff.  And I love the lack of costume and make up necessary for Do Jumping (although they do have Do Jump owned unitards to wear once they get there).

Me?  Well, I'm doing a lot of chillin' out, but I've also done a 30 minute run with intervals - whew, walked the dog again, made that breakfast, played a few games with Davan, caught up on some email chores, been to the library and I do still have to hit the grocery store as we have company for breakfast tomorrow and a bit of a fruit shortage for pancake topping.

Anthony is off on a bike ride with his improvements done, Davan is off flying through the air and I'm home alone with a chocolate cake that Tanner brought with him when he showed up.  What a nice boy.


  1. Sounds like a great Saturday. Glad you enjoyed your visit without all the stress. Love company that stays in a hotel. ;)