Thursday, February 23, 2012

Life, Life and More Life

With our company gone, we're just moving along with our regular activities.  Plus that whole school thing.  Which is going well.  Davan, in fact, told me yesterday after math that it was getting easy again.  What did Mom say?  That if you got past the not remembering part, you'd start enjoying it again?  Yeah.  Anyway, I'm glad it's not torture for her.

Davan and Lena have a new gymnastics coach.  Their previous one, Tera, went to Montreal for a month and, when she comes back, will probably not be able to coach this class anymore.  They really liked their new coach and she had some good stuff for them to work on.  However, she isn't necessarily going to stay with the class, as she has other obligations on Wednesdays usually.

I got a little bit of tumbling footage yesterday.  Davan was working on doing two back handsprings out of her round off and doing a back handspring walk out.  Lena was working on her round off back tuck.

Davan and I were looking to play a game yesterday and realized it'd been a long time since we played Ziggity, so we dug it out from the back of the closet and played a bit, over a snack of apples and almond butter with cinnamon mixed in.

I've been trying to get in hours for Do Jump.  I do a little work trade for them - mostly data entry and data base maintenance - but have been slacking a bit.  I'm motivated now, though, to pump up my hours a little before the end of the month because spring tuition is due soon.  Yikes!

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