Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sunday with Family

We spent pretty much all of Sunday with my aunt Candy and my grandma.  I think everyone had a pretty good day overall.

I started off my Sunday in the usual way of taking Ranger for a run.  Candy and Grandma didn't join in on that. :)  Actually, they came after I showed and we had a good start on breakfast, actually.

Grandma came bearing a gift for Davan.  She gave her a card and some money as a belated birthday gift.  That was nice of her and will go to good use one way or another - either toward tuition or toward camps.

We had our usual Sunday morning breakfast of pancakes with fruit and chocolate sauce on top.  We usually also start off with some sort of fruit - this Sunday we had drinks made from oranges and frozen blueberries.

After breakfast, we went to pick up Lena and head to Sky High.  Candy is really interested in all of Davan's activities, so that was fun for her.  I have to be honest that I'm not totally sure that Grandma enjoyed much of the visit, once again.

Anthony came with us for the first time, too, and ended up being the one who sat and entertained Grandma most of the time.  The below expression shows how he really feels about that.  Actually, he was totally posing as bored for the camera.  We were all cracking up at him.

We wanted to take Candy to Voodoo Doughnuts, as it's a Portland thing, and last time Grandma was here, she seemed to enjoy the doughnuts quite well, too, at least, once we got them.  She had a hard time understanding they whys of this particular doughnut place prior to getting them both this time and last time, even with lots of explaining.  Sigh.  I'd say it's too bad she's getting old, and certainly that doesn't help matters, but Grandma has kind of always been like that and, yet, she manages to live on her own in her own house.  Go figure.

Anyway, Candy, Davan, Lena and I stood in line for the doughnuts.  Candy enjoyed the atmosphere and the girls were excited about getting the doughnuts.  Plus it was Lena's first time at this particular Voodoo store, so she had fun looking around, too.

Then, back home, we all enjoyed the doughnuts.  The girls procured a whole plate to share.  It's amazing that Davan was hungry for dinner.

Grandma got a purple one to match her outfit (in addition to others, but this one was particularly hers).  It sort of blends in with her outfit, but it's there.

Candy, Grandma and I played cards for a while post doughnuts.

We play a game that we call All Night Long.  The story behind this is that the game came to our family nameless and one Christmas Eve when we were all together for the holidays, we had a name the game drawing.  Everyone put in what they thought the game should be called.  There were a lot of things like Kings because Kings are wild.  Candy, though, put in All Night Long because the first time she played she played it all night long.  Her's was the name that was drawn and there you are.

The game is a lot like Skip-bo, which I just found out from Wikki is based on Spite and Malice, which is what we play, except, rather than playing for points, we played for pennies.  If you won, each other person would owe you five cents plus a penny for each card left in their pile.  So, apparently the true name of All Night Long is Spite and Malice.  Gee, I think All Night Long sounds a bit more friendly.

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  1. Nice pictures. Though I enjoyed the personal stories even more.;-0