Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weekend Pictures

Yes, I realize it's Tuesday.  Never-the-less, I've got pictures from this weekend to share.  Nothing special, really - just hanging out.

Aside from Davan's performance and the lecture on Sunday, followed by dinner out, which was a long time for the dog to be alone, it was a great weekend for Ranger.

Not only did I walk with her up to the Mt Tabor dog park twice - once Saturday afternoon and once Sunday morning - but we also made modified Muddy Buddies with peanut butter.  We modify it by using extra peanut butter, rather than butter or margarine and substituting the powdered sugar with a mix of either date sugar (preferred by us, but mucho expensive) or natural cane sugar, unsweetened coco powder and cinnamon.

I'll bet those pictures really make you want to come eat at our house, no?  Don't worry, she gets the dishes pretty clean.  :)

We also finished off a jar of almond butter.

We always give her the jars in her feeding area and she always picks them up and takes them to the rug, where I guess it's easier to keep the jar in place.

Davan had a funny look on her face at one point, but when I got the camera out to document it, she was all smiles, except in between pictures.  Sigh.

Anthony spent some time programming his new bike computer.

When he sold his old bike, after buying the new one with proceeds from selling his motorcycle, he had enough money for a power meter.  He's been having fun playing with that.  He was working on programming in his values in accordance with the Time Crunched Cyclist program.  He also got in about 4 hours of riding over the weekend.

Davan had a cold all weekend, which is still lingering, but not making her feel quite so worn out.  I can tell in these pictures, even though she's all smiles.

Davan was eating what we call blueberry soft serve, which is just frozen bananas and frozen blueberries blended with just a smidge of water until it's the consistency of soft serve.  She was jonesing for some Rice Dream (vegan ice cream), but made do with this healthier alternative when we said no to a second dessert for the day on Saturday.

Davan was feeling bad enough that she didn't go to her straps class yesterday, but today she's off to Do Jump - early even, to meet Lena - so I guess she's doing okay, even though she's still blowing a lot.  Poor kid.

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  1. Davan is ALWAYS smiling. I love it. Hope she is feeling better. Keilee is slowly getting better but still sick. We both are.

    Love the doggie pictures. Our Nomad just loves peanut butter. And he eats it off the spoon. He licks our dishes really clean too. ;)

    Bike computer sounds very interesting. It is Kei and I's goal to ride our bikes more...well any at this point would be an improvement. :)