Thursday, March 01, 2012

Surprise Package

Davan and I went to a school production of Giselle put on by the Oregon Ballet Theater today.  We rode our bikes downtown early and hit the Central Library first, which is a lovely, large library that we love to go to.

Then we met up with the gracious homeschool mom who set up the group.  While we waited to go in, we played I Spy.  We're old school like that.

Davan is looking around contemplatively for her object, while enjoying a piece of dark chocolate.

She was happy about the chocolate.

The set was beautiful.

Sadly, you can't really see it in this picture.  Ah well.

I enjoyed the dancing, although I wondered a bit about parts.  One dancer didn't seem as sharp as I'd have expected and many of the leaps were less than full splits.  Where they not trying for full splits?  I don't really know.  I do know that the school shows are a chance for some of the apprentices to perform and that might explain it.  However, I'd expect even the apprentices to be pretty darn good.  It's very competitive to get in.

Davan said she didn't love it.  She really didn't like the story line - too dark for her tastes.  If you don't know, which I didn't prior to when we got the opportunity to go, Giselle dies after the first act.  The second act is all about the spirits of wronged women killing men by making them dance to death.  Giselle does save her love, but, still.  She's dead.  And, you know, overall, a spirit who, along with others, is all about the death of men, particularly men who've done them wrong.  So, I see Davan's point.

After we rode home, we found this at our door:

It was a package from Lena's family in Switzerland and the customs label said, "Sweets."  Well.  Davan was very excited to open it up.

Inside, was a lovely card thanking us for taking Lena to Vancouver with us and extending their welcome to Davan to come and stay with them.

Davan was pretty thrilled about just that, but there was more.  "Sweets," after all.

They included all vegan treats for us.  Some cookies and a couple of bars of dark Swiss chocolate.  What a nice surprise.  And how considerate to honor our dietary preferences.  Not even all of our family does that.  :)

It made our day.


  1. Really really nice surprise. Have very nice of Lena's family all the way around.

  2. We try to go and see as many performances as we can, even High School ones. We don't love everyone but we have seen some really good shows. How kind of Lena's family. I love surprises. :)