Thursday, March 08, 2012

It's a Beautiful Day!

It's so nice here today!  After our nice day on Sunday, it was a really rainy day on Monday, but we're back to lovely for now.  It's 65 degrees and sunny out there!  So, Davan and I took lunch outside.

The two of us have been on a PLT kick - pickles, lettuce and tomatoes with hummus.  We have it for lunch pretty much anytime we don't have leftovers.  Yum.  Davan, in fact, also packed one for her in between classes dinner this evening.

Ranger came out with us and was really hoping she'd get to participate in the eating part, also.

Davan took eating breaks to do acrobatics in the yard.

Ranger seemed to give up on the idea of getting any food...

But not for long.

She finally settled down with Davan's foot as a pillow.

Shortly there after, the situation was reversed.

Full tummies, empty plates.

Davan is wearing bands with her braces currently.  She does not love this.  She had them at the beginning of this brace cycle, but then didn't for a long time.  Now they're back with a more challenging configuration.  She's less than pleased.

With the food gone, Ranger was able to break away and explore the yard a little.

Davan decided to fly around the yard a bit.

Then she thought that a Davan/Ranger dance routine was in order.

It's a beautiful day.


  1. Gracie says Davan needs to give her lessons. Pretty impressive. ;) Ranger is a cutie, too.

    1. Davan does seem to have that one leap down pretty well. :) She doesn't have anything on Gracie on overall dance technique,though!