Saturday, March 10, 2012

This Week in Gymnastics...

Davan and Lena have a new gymnastics coach.  This week was his second week with their class.  He's a cheerleader at Portland State University and is a very strong tumbler with good coaching skills for tumbling.  Davan and Lena are both progressing even in these two weeks.  He has Lena doing roundoff, back handspring, back tuck and Davan doing roundoff back tuck on the (short) tumble track.  They also did vault this week for the first time in two months.

(Okay, the video was supposed to be embedded here, but Blogger will not find it no matter what I try and I've tried several times over the past couple days.  Grr.  So, here's a link if you want to go see it.  Sorry about that!)

What he's not so good at is coaching beam and bars.  While he works well with each student at their level on tumbling and vault, Davan is pretty much either given things way under her ability (cartwheels on the line of the floor when she can do them on the high beam, for example) or is kind of just left to do what she can do without any progression.  I'm hoping he grows into his coaching roll in those events.  Davan doesn't care that much about beam (although challenge is good for her), but she really wants to progress on bars.  We'll see.


  1. She still has her own special style of running. You see it when she is doing vault.

  2. I couldn't watch the video.... I am glad she is liking her new coach for at least some things.