Sunday, March 25, 2012

Before and After Pictures

Davan and I went to get our hair cut on Friday.  We opted for Supercuts because they're cheap, we're not picky and they were on the way to another appointment.  Davan and I each got our hair cut by a different person.  The instructions were the same to each person, though.

For different reasons, Davan and I are both growing our hair out.  I really like mine short, but I dislike the need for monthly haircuts to keep it up.  I'm rather a cheapskate.  I also like my hair in a bob.

And that, I can make Anthony cut every so often.

Davan, though, has somewhat different reasons.  She really dislikes talking to hairdressers about what she wants done, has had some disappointing cuts and has been taken for a boy, particularly by young kids which she's not overjoyed about.  So, she's going to try a bob, as well.  She'll do hers without bangs, though.  She's had it like this before, but it's been a long time.

Still, it's one of my favorite cuts on her.  We did try it with bangs, as well, but didn't like that look quite as much.

We never could really get that part out of her bangs, so they were always split.  We tried them to keep her hair out of her face more, but we liked it better without.

Anyway, we're both growing out, but not wanting to look overly shaggy while doing so.  We decided to go get the bottoms trimmed, but leave the tops alone so they'd grow out and start catching up.

We each told the hairdresser, "Please clean it up around the ears and in the back, but leave the top alone."

Mine when from this:

(sorry - turns out there aren't a lot of good headshots of me floating around)
to this:

I actually like it.  It's my opinion that it looks better in person, as well.  :)  I was having Davan take pictures, but it didn't go so well and we ended up with a lot of odd pictures.  I find this strange because she was really into photography when she was about 6 and took nice pictures.  This time we ended up with stuff like this:

Which, okay, it's horrible, but when one is trying to get a shot of one's hair, there is sure a lot of background noise.

And this:

Which is maybe a little close, don't you think?

Davan's went from this:

to this:

See how much it changed?  Yeah, me neither.  It's the same hair!  It is cleaned up a little around her ears and  a bit in the back.  Her hair dresser told her, though, that the sides would take the longest to grow out because they're so short!  What sort of logic is that!?!?!  The sides don't have so far to go - it's the top that needs to catch up.

I told Davan I wanted to get her back in the chair and clean it up some more, but she didn't want to have that confrontation, even if it was me talking.  She wasn't real happy with her hair, but wanted to put up with it rather than have to talk to them about it not being what she wanted.  So we payed for a haircut that wasn't.  Sigh.

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  1. Well I think you both look great. It is hard when you are growing your hair out and still want it trimmed a little. Haha about the 'busy background' picture. :)