Sunday, March 04, 2012

Brief Weekend Report and a Video

We've had a weekend where we've each gone our own way more than usual.  Davan opted to ski different runs than Anthony and I on Friday and then called it quits early and retreated to the van with her math book.  Davan slept over at Lena's Saturday nights.  I've had a couple of classes and a couple of runs this weekend.  Anthony went on a group bike ride that he hopes to make a regular thing this morning.  I took Davan and Lena to Sky High again today.  (I hope to have a couple of videos to show from Sky High, both today's trip and one from two weeks ago, but we're having some issues getting them from Lena's camera.)

In spite of all of that, we've had a nice weekend with pleasant times together when we have all been around.  We've played games, cooked together, gone for walks, and watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Today is a lovely spring day here in Portland.  Anthony and I, in spite of challenging runs/bike rides this morning, wanted to take Ranger out for a walk after the three of us had a late lunch together.  Davan, after a hard charging two hours at Sky High, was not feeling the love on walking, so she ended up outside with her book.  However, we came back to find the book abandoned, the dread tiredness apparently forgotten and her doing this:


  1. We are so ready for Spring here! I love all your videos of Davan. Kei is quite jealous of the one handed cartwheel. She has been trying to do one for months. Tips? :)

    1. I'm asking Davan to comment on this. Here's what she says:

      For the one handed cartwheel, I recommend trying to do a regular cartwheel, but use the knuckles of the hand that's further away instead of the palm. That way it puts more weight on the hand you want to use, so its a little easier to pick it up later. Good luck!