Saturday, March 17, 2012

Off the Wall

Most of the footage for this video is a couple of weeks old.  Just a bit is from Wednesday.  I combined them because they are sticking with a theme.  Davan and Lena have been experimenting with using the walls at Sky High.  I caught some of their first attempts through to the pretty cool loop they were doing just this Wednesday.

It was unusual that I took them to Sky High on a Wednesday.  I drove them to gymnastics and the gym was closed!  It was all very odd, as there hadn't been any calls about it, there was a sign saying they'd be open again the next day and they'd be issuing make ups and there was a board secured across the door.  Very mysterious.  Anyway, as we had a chunk of time and the girls were pchyced for activity, I went ahead and took them to Sky High.

What else is going on in our lives?  Well, there's hanging out with torturing the dog.

There was an end of term show for the adult class Davan takes.

I hope to have better pictures to share with you from this soon, although it's a really informal thing, so don't get too excited.

Davan and I also got her National Circus School summer camp application/audition prepared and sent off.  This involved a lot of pictures of which there were several takes over a couple of days:

And a video, which also involved a couple of different days and upteen takes.

Still, the perfectionist in Davan remains unsatisfied with the result.  Ah well, what can we do, time was up.  And my patience for the whole procedure was wearing a little thin, as well.  Davan, bless her soul, can be a little bit of a diva to work with when something is important to her and she's nervous about the outcome.

Now I'm just hoping it all gets there on time.  It is due on the 23rd and we just mailed it off on Friday.  I wasn't at all worried about the time frame until the postal worker, as he was whisking it away, said, "6 to 10 days," we think.  He wasn't supper clear and that's a really wide spread.  We're also not clear if the 23rd is a postmark or a due by date.  So, nothing like a little mystery to add anxiety to our lives.

Speaking of anxiety, Davan came across a letter where the National Circus School indicated they wouldn't be letting people know about high school entry until the end of March.  Other than not being sure what's happening in regards to the academic testing that is supposed to happen "in conjunction with her current school," we're thinking that means there is still a chance.  I have a half baked theory that maybe, because Davan is a homeschooler and we sent in standardized test results, they will just skip the academic test part.  Again with the mystery.

We've also done a bit of adjusting of our living room furniture due to some changes in possessions.  Anthony has been playing a revolving possession game.  Remember the whole he sold his motorcycle, bought a bike, sold a bike, bought wheels, bought a bike computer, sold wheels, sold two bike computers, bought a different wheel cycle?  Well, maybe I didn't share quite all of that.  Still, the game continues, all, really, with the original motorcycle money and a little allowance thrown in.

Most recently, there's been a bike stem going, a stationary bike going, a bike trainer coming, a new rack set up coming and old rack getting ready to go and probably a few other things I'm forgetting.  What all this means is that the living room has changed a bit.  Perhaps soon I'll share before and after pictures about that excitement.  Okay, maybe excitement is the wrong word.  The changes are subtle.  You shouldn't plan your weekend entertainment around these pictures.

Davan is making dinner for us tonight and, apparently, has activities planned around dinner, as well, so you may be hearing more about that in upcoming days.  Stay tuned!


  1. So why was the gym closed?

    1. I have no idea. It didn't say on the notice nor on their web site. I did a brief web search because my morbid side was wondering about a sever injury or worse, but nothing came up. Davan only goes there once a week, so we might find out on Wednesday or it might forever remain a mystery.